Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Baaaack! With goodies from the Brits! LOL A Book Trailer and Blog Award!

Hey kids! Yeah, I've not fallen under a rock or anything. Life has been CRAZY! I never thought edits on the Guardians would take this long. I just finished up tonight at close to five weeks. Sure, that may not seem long to you, but for me, it was epically long because I'm usually a machine, lol.

Speaking of The Guardians, the ever talented and most awesome, Amna, made me a trailer for TG. I huggles it, and it's awesomess!!

Second, my "twin" across the pond, Laura/Common on AW, bestowed on me a blog award...the Sunshine award! Laura and I swear we're twins b/c we're so similar and think alike! I owe her GIANT props for helping me with some TG scenes and beta reading a huge chunk for me. She was awesome, but I treasure her friendship more. So, without further adieu, I'm passing on my sunshine award to:

Amna for her awesome trailer for TG and for her always upbeat and sunny dispositon! Totally loved beta reading for her.

Jamie for being my crit partner and my partner in crime! LOL She also writes some great books!

Rachele for always having an upbeat attitude on her blog and in real life, even as she begins the submisson process!

And I hope to be up and blogging better soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Gatlingburg Writers Retreat!

Here's a link to my post over at OPWFT about this past weekend when I went to the mountains, met up with two AW'ers, and had a great time in the snow writing and revising. I'm too lazy to repost, so I'm linking! LOL