Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When Things Go From Craptastic to Utter & Complete Kaka

So, I haven't blogged since Easter, and I've been meaning to rectify that one for awhile. However, the events of May have bogged me down to where I just couldn't function, least of all blog.

I guess I should be more specific and say the Week of May 3-8 was one that crippled me emotionally, and I'm still recovering from the aftershocks.

And here's why:

(1). My Agent Has Left the Building

Sorry, I love Elvis, and I had to go there! Anyway, my beloved agent is leaving the publishing business to begin consulting full-time, rather than half-time, with Technicolor Film. She was so sweet and so caring in her call, and she wanted to give me the heads up to begin querying(we're actually still out to a couple houses for my YAUF). No two weeks notice or anything because she wants it to be the smoothest transition for me. How can you not love that?

Business wise, Fonda was one of the best. She was great with communication(most of the time calling, rather than emailing), and she was knowledgeable of the business. But I've had more than just a business relationship with Fonda. She's been a cheerleader, a champion, and a friend. I don't think I could have made it through the "deal that was not meant to be" with Don't Hate the Player if it hadn't been for her guidance, support, and love. She was even there for me in the dark days that followed. And we even came close with The Guardians a month ago, but alas, another "almost but no cigar" type situation.

So after eighteen months being agented, I'm back in the saddle again....fortunately, I've had some agented friends do referrals, and I hope to be back and agented very soon.

(2). The Education Budget Sucks Ass

After getting the depressing news on Sunday night that I would soon be agentless, I was called into my Principals office the following Friday to have a bomb dropped on me. Five positions were being cut from my school, and as the latest hire, I was losing my job. To say I was stunned was an understatement. It's one of those moments where you want to go, "But I've been teaching ten years and I have a Masters degree and I've even won a teaching award and been on the news and I've even taught college English courses! NOOOOOO, you can't do this!!!"

But alas they did. The following Monday my principal(who had 30plus years) was also cut b/c he was making so much money.

So lets recap: I lost my agent and my job in the same week.

That picture pretty much sums up what that week was like as well as what the last few weeks have been like. Job searching and agent searching at the same time is kinda like being in the 7th Ring of Hell. More so on the job front because of the epic hiring freeze.

But you also get to the point where you think, "Damn, I'm already at rock bottom. I can only go up from here!"

So I'm bracing myself for GOOD & WONDERFUL things...

And as a person who their faith is the most important facet of their life, I'm shaken but not broken. I mean, I don't consider myself a steel magnolia for nothin'.

I will persevere....I just might whine a little more before I get there!!