Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cast for Life is a Highway

So, yeah, I've got a new WIP. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be finishing The War Within. Poor thing. I started in after Don't Hate the Player, then abandoned it to write Nets and Lies, and then just when I'm finally showing it somemore love, BAM...another runaway SNI hits me while watching Last Holiday(gah, I adore Queen Latifah!). Like I said, I was watching the movie, and I thought there should be a kinda Bucket List/Last Holiday for YA and HUZZAH...the tentatively titled, Life is a Highway, came to me. And I'm LOVING IT! I totally see myself finishing it in November and December...

Well, whoopity do, but what's it about? There's five friends from childhood who even through puberty have hung together and kept their friendship alive. One of the friends, Liam, has always had a bad heart, and he needs a transplant to survive. After graduation, he requests that his three best friends and brother accompany him to his UncleJack's ranch in Montana. It resembles something out of Legends of the Fall and The Horse Whisperer. Since Liam can't fly due to his heart condition, they set out in Chloe's grandparents RV. Along the way, Maddie and Aidan will fight their growing feelings for each other.
So, without further adieu, here is the cast!!!

My MC...Madelyn "Maddie" Nicholson


Older Brother, AIDAN, whose fighting his feelings for Maddie

Younger Brother, LIAM, who needs a heart transplant or he'll die

CHLOE POMANSKI...raised by her retired airforce grandfather and grandmother, the group jokingly calls her "Mutt" since she's of Polish, Indian, and Italian descent.

CHRISTIAN VANDERBURG: The Cleary brothers next door neighbor and best friend since birth.

UNCLE JACK CLEARY: Aidan and Liam's uncle who is a rancher in Montana

Jack's wife, KELLY, a rancher's daughter

The RV for the Epic Roadtrip to Montana!


Amna said...

-Runs in-

I demand Beta rights.

-Runs out-

J.S. Wood said...

Love you Uncle Jack, yum. I second Amna :)

Krista Ashe said...

HAHA, Uncle Jack is Aidan Quinn. I have loved him since Legends of the Fall, and I thought it was fitting that I had a character named Aidan, and the story is taking place in Montana, like LotF.

Yes, you guys can beta, I promise!

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