Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reasons for Not Blogging: Revisions and EpicPuppyFail!

This Duke, aka Epic Puppy Fail!

So, I have been quite remiss in the blogging--I didn't even do a Teaser Tuesday this week. FOR SHAME! Yes, I have unfortunately had bigger fish to fry. First being my grammy got a new puppy. The woman is eighty and hasn't had a dog since the 60's, but when the lawn man said he couldn't keep the puppy, she offered to take him. Please keep in mind the last dog she had in the 60's was a Daschund and this puppy is clearly a hound/Boxer mix. It's got some huge paws, which pretty much indicate it's gonna be a biggie. Somewhere down the road I have a feeling I'm going to be getting another dog. But he is a cutie, and I can't help but want to spend a lot of time with him. So, yes, since Monday, it has been puppyfail.

But there's something else looming over my head. REVISIONS! Yep, the dirty R word. Normally, I don't mind revisions. It's just we're talking about revisions on The Guardians. Please remember that I began writing TG in November of 08 and finished in January 09. Then began the epic journey of querying TG that resulted in practically continuous revisions from January until September, one offer from a less than reputable agent, two almost offers/lead me ons, a revise and resubmit from a small pub, etc. before I got my offer on DHtP.

My agent loves TG--the story, the characters, etc, but she feels there some things we could tighten, tweak, etc, to make it as marketable as possible since it's a fantasy novel. So, cue the Whitesnake music cuz, "Here I Go Again On My Own!" LOL

I'm really hoping to wrap up it up by this coming Friday. That's when I'm leaving for my writer's retreat weekend in Tennessee. I'm so excited!!

So, here's hoping for more bloggin' in the future!


Laura McMeeking said...

Let me know if you need some more eyes! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with TG, because I LOVED what I read of it. :-D And, OMG, that puppy is just adorable. Damn, now I want a dog, but I just can't have one. *cries*

T. Anne said...

Aww! Puppy love. He's too sweet. Sounds like you have your hands full helping grandma and writing. Congrats on your new story, how awesome to have an agent to bounce idea off and help tighten your story.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Just wanted to let you know I have an award for you over at my blog. If your blog is award free or you choose not to participate, no worries - just my way of saying I enjoy your blog!

Fireblossom said...

What a pretty blog! I am here by way of the spifftacular Simone; congratulations on your Superior Scribbler Award. :-)

I had to laugh at "epic puppy fail." Too cute. best of luck with your writing!

Jen said...

Aww love the puppy!!!

Yeah for Writer's retreat weekend!!

Rachele Alpine said...

A writer's retreat! I am sooooo jealous! Really really jealous! Have fun and get lot o'writing done!