Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Awesome Sauce Awards!!!

I was given this award by the lovely, talented, Jamie Blair, and I wanted to pass it on to more deserving peeps. So, here's the rules If You Get Sauced:

Basically, define awesome, and then name 8 people you think fit that definition:
Awesomesauce: the quality of being awesome with ease, ie: just as spaghetti sauce flows easily from the jar, so does the awesome flow easily from them. Awesome: Awesome, in this case, means one of two things (or both):
A. They make me choke on whatever I'm eating on a regular basis because they're so freaking funny
B. They generally exude an air of cleverness, wackiness, or badassry."I'm sticking with Kaitlin's definition of Awesome and how Jamie stuck with it, because it's...uh...well...it's awesome and they're awesome.

Kaitlin is awesome because she's a bridge builder. On AW, blogs, and Twitter, she reaches out to everyone to talk. She's awesome because she shares my appreciation of Snuggie's. And she's awesome because she balances writing and blogging with a young son, and that's no easy undertaking.

Kristen is awesome in her 20's now! Not only is she an awesome writer, but she's an awesome person. I connect with Kristen on a spirtual level b/c I know she's someone of faith like myself. She never ceases to make me feel appreciated as a writer and a person.

Amanda is awsesome because she's a fellow GA gal and a teacher. Our meetup back in January fell through, but I'm sure we're going to meet up sometime soon. Amanda is an awesome photograph as well as writer, and she plays double duty being a wife and mom.

Sushi/Sumayyah because I think novels about other cultures that feature a diverse cast are awesome. She's also awesome b/c she kinda dropped off the face of the world there for awhile, but she totally came back, and I'm stoked!

Leah is awesome b/c like Sumyyah or Sushi she fell off the AW and writing side of the world for awhile, but thankfully she's come back as well. She's awesome b/c we can have some hilarious conversations on Twitter that often leads to us saying to much or others getting in trouble!

Sarah is awesome because she takes her writing so seriously that she's even entering the MAPW program. She's also awesome to join in with hilarity on Twitter, and I know that I can count on her to make our group blog a success.

Regan is awesome because I got to meet her in person and spend the weekend getting to know her and her writing. She's also awesome because she runs great contests on her blog, and she always shows me #FollowFriday love on Twitter!

And my Golden Girls Book Tour Girls(Becca, Jamie, Steph, and Annie!) Hey, it wouldn't be spicy awesome without a little cheating from 8 to 11, lol)


Kaitlin Ward said...

Thanks! This makes my day :)

Amanda P. said...

Yay!! Thanks! I got two awards in one day and so now, I feel like a superstar. Woot!