Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: Hourglass

Jill over at Breaking the Spine created the Waiting on Wednesday meme for us bloggers to showcase books we're waiting on.

There are a lot of books I'm waiting on, but there's one that's *cues the Pet Shop Boys and/or Willie Nelson* Always on My Mind. Just kidding.

Here's a summary of Hourglass.

For seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole, life is about seeing what isn't there: swooning Southern Belles; soldiers long forgotten; a haunting jazz trio that vanishes in an instant. Plagued by phantoms since her parents' death, she just wants the apparitions to stop so she can be normal. She's tried everything, but the visions keep coming back.So when her well-meaning brother brings in a consultant from a secretive organization called the Hourglass, Emerson's willing to try one last cure. But meeting Michael Weaver may not only change her future, it may change her past.

Who is this dark, mysterious, sympathetic guy, barely older than Emerson herself, who seems to believe every crazy word she says? Why does an electric charge seem to run through the room whenever he's around? And why is he so insistent that he needs her help to prevent a death that never should have happened?

If after reading that summary, you're not completely stoked and pumped, then let me give you a few more reasons!!

(1). Kickass Cover....I mean, how does that not just suck you in?

(2). A Southern setting and Allusions to the old South. I'm a life-long Georgia native, and I love the culture of the South--both new and old. Books like Beautiful Creatures & The Magnolia League really rock my socks with the Southern cultures of cultured ladies, sipping sweet tea, and old family skeletons.

(3). The Author....srsly, this should probably be the first reason because Myra is so amazing. When I first started on Twitter, Myra was a very approachable and hilarious author. I had the pleasure of meeting Myra at the Decatur Book Festival. She's just as funny and approachable in person. She's also got a great heart because she was one of the organizers of the Do The Right Thing for Nashville auction to help benefit flood victims.

So, there you have it. The reasons why May 24 can't come fast enough!!

What books are you waiting on this fine Wednesday?


Sally said...

This was my WOW pick last week - it sounds so good I can't wait to read it.

Melissa said...

I'm from Georgia, too, and I know what you mean about finding great books that showcase the southern culture. I'm also looking forward to Hourglass and Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Sarah Allen said...

That is indeed, a stunning cover. Looks super interesting. I wasn't familiar with Myra up to now, but I'm excited to get to know her work :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

Hourglass sounds really awesome, I can't wait to read it! Here's my WoW! Happy Reading!

New follower!

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

I'm from the South too, and I'm really looking forward to reading this one!