Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Slobber aka My Week in Review

Here's my weekly, er sometimes bi-weekly, segment where I allow my dogs and sometimes my cats to recap the week for me.

So, why is Chance grinning you might ask? Well, he's excited b/c there's only 25 days left of school. WHOO HOO and YEE HAW! Sorry, I had to do that. Sure, I have to do the two post-planning days, but those are kid free days where most of our work is done(I enlist some kids to help pack up my room. They love candy bribes), and we get to go out to lunch and hang together. It's not that I don't love my students or love teaching. It's just it's been a really stressful year, and I'm so ready for a break. Plus, I love summer because it's a reading and writing free for all! Yeah, I'm a nerd that way. But I do have a beach trip planned for the first week in June that I'm really excited about. And who knows where the rest of the summer will take me.

So why is Little Man aka Duke hiding behind the couch and love seat at Grammy aka Big Mama's? Well, he's totally capturing how I felt Tuesday when I sent my agent the outline(well, chunky ramblings of an outline) of Book 2 of The Guardians. We're hoping to go out with TG soon, and often pitching a UF as a series helps along the way, thus you need that outline! Can we say Krista doesn't do outlines? Sure, when I first got the idea for TG back in November of 08, I saw where I wanted to story to go in Books 2 and 3. But that was before the epic revising, revising, and
REVISING I did. When you up the stakes in one book, you kind of figure you're going to have to do that in the next. And I totally added a lot of fantasy elements to TG that I'll need to keep up in the second. I also sent her the revised synops of my YA Contemporary, Nets and Lies, along with the chunky outline of my Dystopian Disaster. Thus, why I'm still cowering in fear of what she might think when she reads abut the Dystopian, lol.

And then finally, this is exactly how I will feel until school is out. That's right. I'll be a hyperactive puppy shredding a pillow when my owner turned her back to change the sheets! Okay, well, maybe not....especially on the hyperactive part(see below on that reason, lol). It's just the frustration bit I guess. The last six weeks after Spring Break are an exhausting time. We have End of Course Tests that kids have to take, thus we have to prepare for. Of course, their attention span doesn't make for a great testing environment, lol. They're ready to be out, we're ready to be out.

It's also how I feel because I'm so ready for my health to be back where it once was. Fortunately, my doctor prescribed the 2x's a week B12 shots I must take for me to give myself. It was such a pain to try to get to the doctor's office each week and get them. On Thursday, I successfully gave myself a shot, and I'm due for another today. FUN TIMES! LOL

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely and productive next week!


Amna said...


Anonymous said...

Aw, Chance is so adorable! :D

Yay for approaching the end of school. I just have 1.5 weeks left, and I'm so psyched to be done with the term already. I can imagine my professors feel the same way. :)

Good luck with your synopses!

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Love your pups! They are too cute.

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I'm so glad I found your blog.

Rachele Alpine said...

I hope you start feeling better! The summer will probably help you relax...a few more weeks...yay! I love your dogs, and I'm so jealous. I'm house shopping right now and the thing I'm most excited for is to finally get a dog! I had them growing up, but I can't have one in my condo right now. I miss dogs so much!

Nishant said...

They are too cute.
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