Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Slobber: Weekly Recap, Becca's Blog Contest, etc

If you follow my twitter or know me from AbsoluteWrite or Facebook, you know I'm a HUGE pet and animal lover. So what better way to do weekly updates than to use a pet analogy for a post title along with pics of my pets! :)

Puppy Duke aka Little Man's Sad Panda face that Spring Break is over!

(1). Today is a day of great sadness or epic emoness. Why? Because my Spring Break is over, and tomorrow I have to go back to school. Sure, there's only six weeks left, but they're difficult have tasted the flavor of being off not to mention their springtime attention span and hormones are going crazy. I've done absolutely NOTHING this week, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration because I did do some serious spring cleaning. I also wrote a lot....5K each on my two new WIPS...I'm hoping to have 7K or 8K by this afternoon
on the latest of the late WIPS...more on it later!

(2). My writer buddy Becca is having a cool Art-themed contest over at her blog: Confessions of a YA Writer. Check it out. And if you're not following her, you totally should!

Chance says the contest sounds really cool and wishes he could enter to hone his artistic skills!

(3). Yes, I've started a new WIP. It's a YA Contemporary, and I really like it. It's kooky, silly, fun, and lighthearted, and I think its going to be a quick finish. I'm not going to delve too much into it right now, but I've been posting some snips in FNW, and I'll probably do some for my Teaser Tuesday.

(4). I've put the Dystopian on the back burner for the moment. Why? Well, after my esteemed writer buddies, Becca and Jamie, took a look, they helped me to realize I needed a bit more world building, which is one reason I'm not good at UF! So, I figure I'll keep thinking about it, and then finish it up when summer rolls around...if it's still rolling with me.

(5). I think I have a new writing nook. The weather this week has been beautiful, so I ventured outside. Lots of WIP wordage got written in my chaise lounge. I also embarked on spring cleaning the patio by scrubbing off the patio table and chairs, the grill, sweeping etc. Of course, this time of year in Georgia, the pollen is horrendous and tries to coat everything as soon as you clean it!
Duke helping me enjoy my new writing place!


Chanelley said...

Your dog is SOOO cute! And I love the animal analogy haha.
Can't wait to read snippets of your WIP. The weather has got nice here, but unfortunately, I don't have a laptop to write outside with. It's definitely a good idea, though!

Laura McMeeking said...

I wish I could take my laptop onto the balcony. Unfortunately, the pigeons have made a very disgusting home there, and they mark our windows and decking well. We're still trying to get the council to do something about it...but I'm in England where things move at the speed of a snail. :-D Instead, we drove out to a country pub and sat outside! That means no writing, but cute lambs!!!