Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flashback Friday: 80's and 90's Fashion and Fads

This week over at GotYA we're talking about the Fads and Fashion of the 80's or 90's, depending on when you grew up. I'm kind of a child of both the 80's and 90's. Since I was born in 1979, I spent most of my childhood in the 80's, and then most of my adolescence and teens in the 90's.

So, I took a little stroll thru the family albums, and here's a few things I came up with and/or what I was able to scan in, lol. This pic is at my kindergarten graduation with my mom and grandmother. What I like it is captures both the fashion of childhood and adults. There's polka dots and bows on my mom and big beads on my grammy. Then whenever I got dressed up in my childhood, it was in the big dresses with crinolins, patent leather Mary Jane's, etc.

I totally had a purple Members Only jacket when I was little, and last night, I could not find the picture where I was I sporting it! My grandaddy bought it for me, and my cousin and I had matching purple ones. He, on the other hand, had one in almost every color! It was epic.

Ah, Swatch Watches....I loved these growing up! I probably had a couple.

I found this pic and totally snorted out loud at the, maybe lack thereof. I'm sporting a Mickey Mouse hat, which was huge in the early 90's where I'm from, along with the epic "ghetto fabulous" Bugs Bunny and Taz t-shirt. Gotta love the length of the shorts too!

You probably didn't get out of the early to mid 90's without doing Glamour Shots at a local mall. Extreme hair and makeup along with four costume choices and voila, you could be on the cover of Vogue....or not, lol.

These are some of mine, and they HILARIOUS! You gotta remember I was 14 at the time....I look 30 if I'm a day!!!

So what were some of your favorite trends?


Sajidah said...

Oh yeah, the Glamour Shots thing was huge!
I liked my gummy bracelets (traded with friends and so the more you had on, the cooler you were) and we were also seriously into friendship pins - safety pins with colored beads on them which we pinned onto the laces of our sneakers. Each person had a unique code color pattern. So you knew, with one glance at someone's feet, just WHO their friends were. Complicated but so fun! That's the 80's for you.

Annie McElfresh said...

Krista!!! Look how adorable you are!! :D

Dude, I didn't rock the members only jacket, BUT I did sport the totally awesome leather/sude jacket in tan. Oh yeah, and I had big hair...LOL

Kaitlin Ward said...

omg at those glamor shots!! They're gorgeous (although that hairstyle made EVERYONE look older hehe).

Lydia Kang said...

The preppy stage killed me. I had hairpins with whales on them, pink and green. Blecch.

Debra Driza said...

I can honestly say I never did a Glamour Shots, lol---what's weird to me is how they somehow make everyone look EXACTLY THE SAME in them. It was like a Stepford campaign on the sly.

I remember stirrup pants (barf) and Jag dresses, and, OMG, white cowboy boots with just about anything--EEK!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures bring me back....

I loved banana clips and stirrup pants.

Also, there's a blog award waiting for you on my blog.

Krista Ashe said...

HAHA, guys, thanks for the comments! It was fun taking a stroll down amnesia lane!

Aw, Medeia! A blog award. I iz so excited!!

Rachele Alpine said...

Oh my gosh...those pictures are great! I always begged my mom to let me do Glamourshots, but she told me it was too expensive. Boo! I used to rock out the Hyper Color shirts. Do you remember those? They were neon and if you got hot or touched one with heat, they changed colors. I loved them!

Krista Ashe said...

Yes, I loved the Hypercolor! I didn't have one cuz my mom said no, but my BFf had one so we would all slap her and make handprints and all, lol. Man, some of the old fashion, lol.

Melissa said...

I love swatch watches! I'll be honest!

You know what else I love? Your glamor shots! My mom and uncles all have those two. I've always wanted to get one, since I was a kid, cause I thought they were so classic and awesome.

Hey... I've decided I'm going to follow you. My follow will put you at a hundred.... how does that make you feel?

Nishant said...

Look how adorable you are!
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B said...

KRISTA! I can't believe I found your blog! And believe it or not, you actually gave me one of those Glamour Shots - I may still have it in my memory box? I'll have to dig around and see.

So great to find you!

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