Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Slobber...a day late and a dollar short!

Okay, I'm the epic of blogging suckiness lately. I'm totally feeling the summertime crunch. I have 15 days left of school, 10 real days of teaching. Our last week is finals, and we have half days for the teachers and kids. But here's the thing: I just wanna be out. I don't wanna grade. I don't wanna teach. I don't really wanna do anything, lol. But I must!


So, I'm on Part Deux of The Guardians Agent Revisons. The good news is I had a real breakthrough on what my agent wanted to me to do, so once I have more time(or once I can make myself focus for long periods of time!), I think I can tear through it!! Even though it's frustrating, I am really proud of how far TG has come since it's original revision on January 09'. It really goes to show the power

Here's just how far TG has was like Chance when he was a little puppy, and then it's grown to a big, gallumping, dog! LOL It's hard to imagine he was ever that small!

(2). Household Projects: This is Chance being a couch potato on the couch in my Office...well, it used to be the Office. I'm doing some remodeling/reworking, and I've moved the couch into the bonus room where's there's another love seat. I'm also hoping to paint the office as soon is school out. I'm really excited. I'm thinking of deep red, and then I wanna paint the bonus room as well. I, uh, have never much painted, so we'll see what kinda craziness occurs!


Rachele Alpine said...

I hear you with wanting the summer to be here...It's so close and I've waited a whole school year for summer again, but it seems like these last few weeks are taking forever. I cannot wait for a summer of writing!

And yay to revisions (and cute puppies!)!

Janet Johnson said...

Isn't everything a distraction from writing? :) Good luck with the painting project.

Lydia Kang said...

Hey Krista,
I gave you an award over at my blog. Good luck on your revisions! They take forever, don't they?

Victoria Dixon said...

Ah, distractions. Love the dog. I've got two of 'em. Want one? LOL Then there's the toddler and the messy house, the husband, the blog and oh, that writing career I say I want? LOL

Jen said...

Looks like we have quite a few friends in common but I've never made my way over here! How nutty is that!

Very cute blog, and very cute DOG!!!

Nishant said...

Isn't everything a distraction from writing?
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